Domani Digital launches

Posted by Vince Nicita on Monday, August 31, 2009

Domani Digital officially launches today, September 1 2009. After selling Relate, I spent a year researching technology, process, management styles and the digital industry. Domani is the result of this research. It is my dream of the ideal digital services company for tomorrow.

How is it different? The emphasis is on results and customer service. I have developed a methodology for extracting and expressing a company’s needs, their culture, their objectives and their goals. We spend more time up front developing an online strategy with measurable results. Only once this is completely understood do we then consider the most appropriate technology.

This only works when run by experienced online professionals. To this end, all Domani consultants will have at least 10 years hands-on experience working with digital projects in a customer focussed role. Customer empathy is critical to a successful outcome.

We have over 30 technology partners located around the world. We intend to reach over 100 within the first 12 months. Each has met our exacting criteria of value, quality and service. They are all privately owned companies where the owners are still very actively involved in the business.

For more information contact Vince Nicita on 1300 883 295 or

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Domani Digital
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